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1.1 | Park Bench

Marsha Mason & Austin Pendleton

Retired Manhattanites have conflicting ideas about the future, as they contemplate life near the Central Park Reservoir.

Park BenchAround the Sun
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1.2 | Subway Car

Sally Struthers & Ryan Wotherspoon

A "seen it all" passenger on the 1 Train, hell-bent on proselytizing her lovesick compatriot, finally sees something new.

Subway CarAround the Sun
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1.3 | Off-Broadway

Lilli Cooper & Veanne Cox

The conversation gets real inside the infamous Bard's Diner, with theater friends and Shakespearean Servers at divergent points in their careers.

Off-BroadwayAround the Sun
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1.4 | Red Light

Dolores Catania & David LaRosa

A seedy motel room hosts a chance encounter that leads to questions of choice, destiny, and the future.

Red LightAround the Sun
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1.5 | Upper West

David Alan Basche & Alysia Reiner

How well do parents know their children? A surprising discovery turns life upside down for a pair of professors who learn a little too much.

Upper WestAround the Sun
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1.6 | Apothecary

Christine Nagy & BD Wong

Christine Nagy & BD Wong

When a woman thinks she's out of options, her Eastern medicinal practitioner offers one last window through which to heal an old wound.

ApothecaryAround the Sun
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1.7 | Wall Street

Joanna Bonaro & Maureen Van Zandt

Two friends debate a deadly hit amid the backdrop of a Subway Series game, and the spirit of being neighborly.

Wall StreetAround the Sun
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1.8 | The Museum

Brad Forenza & Vincent Pastore

A wayward patron crashes closing at The Museum. Will he and the unsuspecting janitor find peace among the dinosaurs?

The MuseumAround the Sun
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1.9 | Marathon

François Clemmons, et al.

A runner reflects on life and love, one borough at a time, as part of the NYC Marathon.

MarathonAround the Sun
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1.10 | Be Here Now

Marsha Mason & Austin Pendleton

When a memory-detector brings a lost soul into the expanses of the universe, he meets a star keeper who encourages him to stand still and look deeper.

Be Here NowAround the Sun
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