Drag Web Series Stars Amy Stiller

News in Entertainment, 10/22/19

"THE LADY YANG is an unabashedly bold project, but- like the best kinds of camp- the world Brad has created is truthful unto itself.” | Amy Stiller

Stellar Cast in URBAN DWELLERS

Stage Buddy, 09/23/19

"Brad is a genius playwright, who reaches into our collective heart and pulls the strings." | Bill Sorvino

Van Zandt and Vetere join THE REHEARSAL

Broadway World, 02/27/19

"The joy of being an artist is conveying the human condition. And there's a lot of comedy and tragedy to convey here." | Maureen Van Zandt

Pastore Lies Down for AWAKENING ARLENE

The Jersey Journal, 02/26/19

“Brad Forenza creates funny characters, and I’m proud of him for putting together this short film.” | Vincent Pastore

SQUEAKY Coached by Olympia Dukakis

United Solo, 8/27/18

"[SQUEAKY] wants to deal with the anxiety. So walk out and look at [the audience] and see that anxiety. Connect with them." | Olympia Dukakis

Dolores Catania in Local Film

North Jersey Media, 05/08/18

“BREAKING POINTS is a heartwarming story of friendship, loss, and growing up. I am delighted to be part of Brad's redeeming message.” | Dolores Catania

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